Teens Don’t Listen! The Best Advice I Can Offer…

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

First and foremost, even if 40 year old me could go back to give 18 year old me advice; it most assuredly would go in one ear and right out of the other. You see, I am constantly reminded of myself every single time I have a conversation with my 19 year old son. Hear me when I tell you, whoever claimed to have said your kids are ten times worse than what you were, definitely wasn’t wrong when it comes to this one. (If I were talking to you face to face, you would have just witnessed the infamous eye roll that gets me into so much trouble.) Boneheaded kids, I swear (yes I’m calling teenage version me out too)!

An adult trying to give advice to a teenager, who is coming into early adulthood, is the equivalent of telling a toddler it’s nap time; pure rebellion kicks in. Since when in the history of ever has an independent hard headed, think they know it all, “you don’t know what you’re talking about” saying teenager ever heeded warning; actually taking the advice without being stubborn? I’ll wait… Exactly. I still remember it like it was yesterday. My parents trying to advise me and the whole time I’m saying in my head, “I got this - it’s my life, I’m grown now so don’t try and tell me how to live MY life.”

For the first time in my life, I wholeheartedly feel the aggravation my parents felt with me when they were just trying their best to get through to me. Of course what parent wouldn’t worry about her child stepping out into the big cruel world? To my mother who was waving goodbye to me as I took off out her driveway, North bound from Florida to Virginia; I now know how you must have felt that day. Here I am, 19 years later, having very little to show for (materialistically); but rather rich with wisdom gained by experience. If I could go back in time to share advice with myself, it would be the same advice I now have for my two sons. Yeah, yeah, I know it won’t mean a darn thing to either of them now. One day, though, when they grown, mentally matured, and have kids of their own - they will get it! I can just about rest assure they’ll think back to this moment with complete understanding.

My advice is, regardless of what anyone else wants of you, says to you, or tries to encourage you to do (or not do); reach for the stars for YOU! Find what you are passionate about and don’t stop until you succeed. Success comes after experiencing failures and the only way you’ll live life to the fullest is by being UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU, because…

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”―Henry Ford

If you don’t understand the quote now, hang a tight! One day you will!

3 thoughts on “Teens Don’t Listen! The Best Advice I Can Offer…

    1. Thank you oh so very much. You really just made me smile. I used to write years ago but this is my first time using a platform like this, no followers, and I’m winging it. I posted one called My Ship’s Lighthouse. Is there any chance you could read it? I welcome constructive criticism so I know what to improve on.


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